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ToneSpeak Birmingham 1275 12" 75W Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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Vintage British guitar tone in a durable yet sensitive 12" speaker.

The Birmingham 1275 12 75W guitar speaker brings iconic British guitar tone to your rig or cabinet setup. Designed in the UK, the 1275 has a balanced frequency response with lush harmonics inspired by classic British guitar amps. The 12" speaker features a steel basket for durability on the road. With 75W power handling and 100dB sensitivity, it can keep up with high volumes on stage. The Birmingham 1275's 1.75" copper voice coil and Kurt Müller speaker cone provide clear, articulate tone across the frequency range. Finally, the 1275 is equipped with a substantial 50 oz. ferrite magnet for increased sensitivity and rich overtones.

Iconic British Tone With a Balanced Frequency Response

This 12" guitar speaker is designed to deliver the harmonic complexity and smooth response of classic British guitar amps. The 1275 speaker has excellent punch and definition in the lows without getting flabby. Its midrange is broad and throaty with a warm, vintage character. In the highs, you'll enjoy nice grit and soaring articulation. With its balanced tonal profile inspired by British speakers, the Birmingham 1275 brings rich vintage tone to your guitar rig.

Durable 12" Steel Basket for Reliability

The Birmingham 1275 speaker features a rigid 12" steel basket that's built to last through countless gigs and studio sessions. With a diameter of 305 mm, the sturdy steel basket provides a stable foundation for the speaker's moving components. It allows you to confidently crank up the volume night after night, providing reliable structural integrity show after show. The 1275's durable basket ensures you can enjoy stellar British tone for years to come.

High Sensitivity and Power Handling for Live Use

With its 75W power handling and 100dB sensitivity, the 1275 is ready for the stage. It can handle high volumes with headroom to spare, allowing you to achieve clean, uncompromised tone even at loud volumes. These specs give the Birmingham 1275 the muscle it needs to keep up with a rocking live band, night after night.

Copper Voice Coil and Kurt Müller Cone for Articulate Sound

The 1275 speaker achieves remarkably clear, articulate tone thanks to its 1.75" copper voice coil and Kurt Müller cone. The copper voice coil provides increased sensitivity compared to aluminum designs, resulting in transparent, immediate guitar tone. The cone breaks up smoothly when driven hard. Together, these components let you hear each note bloom with clarity and presence.

50 oz. Ferrite Magnet for Rich Overtones

The Birmingham 1275 speaker is equipped with a substantial 50 oz. ferrite magnet, adding sensitivity and harmonic complexity to the guitar tone. The wide frequency response and strong low-end punch comes courtesy of the powerful magnet. It enriches your guitar tone with lush overtones and singing sustain. The 1275's ferrite magnet plays a big role in that sought-after British character.


  • British tone guitar speaker
  • 75W power handling
  • 8 ohm impedance
  • 100dB sensitivity