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ToneSpeak Boston 1020 10" 20W Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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Vintage-inspired guitar tone from a 10" American classic.

The Boston 1020 10" 20W guitar speaker brings back the warm, articulate sound of vintage guitar amps. With its 10" diameter and specially designed alnico magnet, this driver delivers enhanced lows, scooped mids and singing highs for guitarists seeking that classic rock and blues tone. The 1020's alnico magnet partially demagnetizes when pushed hard, adding musical compression and sweetness to your sound.

Vintage-Voiced 10" Speaker for Warm, Articulate Tone

The 10" diameter of the Boston 1020 provides tight, focused bass and lush harmonics that vintage amp lovers crave. Its specially shaped paper cone and supple surround work together to produce clear note articulation and bloom. From warm clean tones to sweetly overdriven crunch, the 1020 brings out the best in your guitar's voice.

Alnico Magnet for Quick Response and Sweet Compression

This classic 10" guitar speaker includes a 1960s-style alnico magnet, known for its musicality and ultra-fast attack. Alnico partially demagnetizes when driven hard, applying subtle compression that adds satisfying sweetness to your tone. You'll hear and feel this magnet's responsiveness, hearing your pick attack and vibrato jump out of the mix.

Made in the USA With Quality Components

Handmade in the United States, the Boston 1020 10" 20W speaker is built from quality components to exacting standards. It features a sturdy 10" steel basket, 1" copper voice coil, robust kraft paper former and specially shaped paper cone and surround. The result is a reliable, great-sounding guitar speaker made to last.

20W Power Handling, 8 Ohm Impedance

With its 20W of power handling and 8 ohm impedance, the Boston 1020 10" 20W speaker pairs well with a range of guitar amp heads and combos. It's a great fit for blues, rock, country and Americana setups where warm, vintage tone is key. Let your guitar truly sing with the Boston 1020.


  • 10W power handling
  • 8 ohm impedance
  • 96dB sensitivity
  • 1" voice coil