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ToneSpeak Dartford 1220 12" 20W Alnico Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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Vintage British alnico warmth and articulation.

The Dartford 1220 12 20W Alnico Guitar Speaker brings you the classic British guitar tone. With its 12" steel basket with alnico magnet and paper cone, the Dartford 1220 produces the warm, throaty mids guitarists have sought after for decades. The tight lows are punchy with a fast transient response, while the highs have that vintage bell-like chime. This 20W guitar speaker is built into a rugged 12" steel basket, ready for stage and studio use.

Vintage British Alnico Tone

Harnessing the magical combination of alnico magnets and a British paper cone, the Dartford 1220 guitar speaker achieves the warm, full mids and crisp highs that define vintage British guitar tone. The alnico magnet responds quickly to your picking dynamics, adding life to each note. When pushed hard, the Dartford 1220 smoothly compresses in a way that many blues, rock and jazz guitarists crave.

Articulate and Balanced Frequency Response

With its alnico magnet and paper cone, the Dartford 1220 strikes an articulate balance across the frequency spectrum. The lows come through tight and focused, providing a solid foundation. The mids sing with a rich, vocal quality that flatters your guitar's natural tone. And the highs have that sparkling vintage chime that brings out the nuances of your playing.

Rugged 12" Steel Basket

Housed in a rugged 12" steel basket, the Dartford 1220 is built tough for stage and studio use. The basket protects the delicate internals while allowing the speaker to breathe freely. The Dartford 1220 is easy to transport and incorporate into your existing cabinet or new build.

20 Watts of Headroom

With its 20W power handling, 1.75" voice coil and 99dB sensitivity, the Dartford 1220 can keep up with a range of guitar amps from low-wattage heads to beefier stacks. The 20W provide plenty of clean headroom before smooth, desirable breakup occurs. This versatility makes the Dartford 1220 a great all-around speaker choice.


  • Warm, vintage-style tone from alnico magnet and British paper cone
  • 20W power handling
  • 8 ohm impedance
  • 99dB sensitivity