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ToneSpeak Manchester 1290 12" 90W Guitar Speaker 16 Ohm


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A British guitar speaker with even response and high power handling.

The Manchester 1290 brings iconic British guitar speaker tone in a versatile 12" package. With the 1290, guitarists get an even, balanced frequency response from top to bottom, perfect for higher gain or power without sacrificing tone. This 12" speaker has a generously-sized 1.75" copper voice coil and beefy 50 oz. ferrite magnet, giving it a power handling of 90W. Housed in a rugged 12" steel basket, it can hold its own on stage. The Manchester 1290's British character shines through across the frequency spectrum, with tight lows, articulate mids and smooth, singing highs.

Even, Balanced Response With Any Amp

The Manchester 1290 guitar speaker maintains its balanced, British character whether you're running a high-gain amp or a clean, pedal platform. With guitar speakers, turning up the volume or gain can exaggerate uneven frequency responses. But the 1290 retains its smooth, musical tonality from clean rhythms to roaring lead tones. Even heavy distortion retains note separation thanks to the 1290's balanced sound. From jazz to metal, it brings out the best in any guitar and amp combination.

High Power Handling With 1.75" Copper Voice Coil

With its beefy 1.75" copper voice coil wound on a rugged fiberglass former, the Manchester 1290 handles up to 90W of roaring tube power. The oversized voice coil provides greater heat dissipation, reducing power compression and letting your tone stay strong and clear at high volumes. It also allows for a larger magnet structure, which increases sensitivity and punch. The 1290's high power handling makes it a versatile partner for a wide range of guitar amp heads.

Iconic 12" British Character

The Manchester 1290 captures the 12" speaker sound heard on countless classic British guitar tracks. Its smooth, detailed sound enhances any playing style while adding its own touch of character. With tight lows, sparkling highs and nice midrange bark, it brings vintage British flair to blues, rock, country and more. The 1290's open yet focused sound works great as a standalone speaker or mixed with others.

Rugged 12" Steel Basket Design

Road-ready construction allows the Manchester 1290 to hold up to life on stage. Its 12" steel basket provides a rigid home for the speaker, while an aperiodic "spider" brace keeps the heavy magnet assembly centered within the coil. The durable paper cone and dust cap are made to last. Count on years of great tone and British character from the 1290 no matter where your music takes you.


  • Even and balanced tone from top to bottom
  • 90W power handling
  • 1.75" copper voice coil
  • 50 oz. ferrite magnet