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ToneSpeak Minneapolis 1050 10" 50W Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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An American-made guitar speaker with versatile tone shaping for tube amps.

The ToneSpeak Minneapolis 1050 guitar speaker brings new life to your tone with its robust construction and broad frequency response. This 10" speaker from Minneapolis has an American-made purple paper cone that delivers a strong and even presence across lows, mids and highs. With the Minneapolis 1050, you can achieve the ideal tonal balance whether you're playing searing lead lines, chunky rhythms or dropped tunings.

Shape Your Sound With the Purple Paper Cone

The purple paper cone gives the Minneapolis 1050 a uniquely colorful character. Paying homage to Minneapolis' most famous musical legend, the purple cone provides enhanced depth and nuance across the tonal spectrum. From articulated bass to singing treble, you'll hear greater detail in every note. The robust steel basket firmly anchors the precisely tuned cone, giving you the stability and consistency you need for inspired performances night after night.

Get High Sensitivity for Any Amp

With its high-power ferrite magnet and 1.75" aluminum voice coil, the Minneapolis 1050 delivers impressive sensitivity of 97dB. This gives you plenty of output power to keep up with any tube amp while retaining exceptional clarity. Whether you're playing at lower volumes in the studio or cranking your amp to 11 on stage, the 1050 projects your tone with authority. With 50W power handling, it's versatile enough for a wide range of guitar amps.

Upgrade Your Tube Amp's Tone

For guitarists with tube amps, the Minneapolis 1050 is the perfect upgrade. Its broad frequency response and efficient sensitivity let you shape your tone with the amp's onboard EQ while adding some extra oomph. Turn up the gain and this 10" speaker will respond with rich, responsive crunch. Back off the volume and it will clean up nicely. With a tight low end, clear mids and singing highs, the Minneapolis 1050 lets your tube amp's natural overdrive really shine.

Ideal Size for Lead, Rhythm and Dropped Tunings

Measuring 10" across, the basket provides the ideal balance of power and precision. Compared to larger 12" or 15" speakers, the 1050 gives you a more focused tone that retains picking nuance. And its substantial magnet ensures you still get all the volume you need. Whether you like to play searing rock leads, chunky metal rhythms or dropped tunings, the Minneapolis 1050 will bring out the best in your playing. All guitarists searching for inspired tone should give this versatile American-made speaker serious consideration.


  • 10" American made purple paper cone
  • 50W power handling at 8 ohms
  • 97dB sensitivity
  • 1.75" aluminum voice coil and Nomex former