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ToneSpeak New Orleans 1250 12" 50W Guitar Speaker 16 Ohm


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A warm and vintage-voiced 12" guitar speaker with an organic hemp cone.

The New Orleans 1250 guitar speaker brings a smooth, warm vintage tone to your rig. Built around an American-made 12" hemp cone, it tames harsh treble tones for a sweeter, more organic sound. The New Orleans 1250 is full and defined in the lows, very natural in the mids and warm, smooth and creamy up top. With a focus on vintage warmth, it eliminates the muddiness often associated with darker speakers. You'll enjoy excellent clarity and note definition as you turn up the gain. This 50W 8 ohm guitar speaker is ideal for blues and chicken pickin' country tones.

Tame Harsh Treble With the Organic Hemp Cone

At the heart of the New Orleans 1250's smooth, vintage character is its American-made 12" hemp cone. The natural warmth and woodiness of hemp creates a speaker with a sweeter, more organic tone. Compared to traditional materials, the hemp cone tames harsh, ear-fatiguing treble tones for a smooth and easy-listening sound. The New Orleans 1250 retains impressive clarity as you increase the gain, giving you a clear, defined tone even at higher volumes. The hemp cone brings out the guitar's natural warmth and resonance for a beautiful vintage tone.

Enjoy a Balanced Tone With Natural Mids and Lows

In addition to its smooth, invigorating highs, the New Orleans 1250 is designed for a balanced and musical tone across the frequency range. The hemp cone provides a full low end along with natural-sounding mids for a rich, colorful tone. With its vintage voicing, the New Orleans 1250 focuses on smoothness over aggressiveness. Lows come through with warmth and fullness rather than boominess, working perfectly for blues and country playing. Single coil and humbucker pickups alike will shine with the 1250's natural tone shaping.

Built for Guitar Amps With 50W Power Handling

Built specifically for guitar amp use, the New Orleans 1250 handles up to 50W of power. Its 12" steel basket provides rugged durability to handle the demands of stage and studio use. The efficient 50 oz. ferrite magnet allows for impressive sensitivity and reduces power compression when driven hard. With a 100dB sensitivity rating, the 1250 produces plenty of volume while retaining its smooth, organic tone. For players seeking to warm up their tone without sacrificing clarity, the New Orleans 1250 is an ideal vintage-voiced speaker.


  • Hemp cone for warm, smooth tone
  • 50W power handling
  • 8 ohm impedance
  • 100dB sensitivity