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ToneSpeak Scottsdale 1220 12" 20W Alnico Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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Vintage guitar tone and portable design in one speaker.

The Scottsdale 1220 guitar speaker brings you the renowned warm, rich vintage tone of an alnico magnet in a lightweight and easily transportable design. Built in the USA, this 12" speaker is specially voiced for guitarists seeking classic blues and rock tones. The alnico magnet provides a fast transient response and warm, compressed character when driven hard. The 1220's medium 12" size strikes an ideal balance of tight, robust lows with even, focused mids and shimmering highs. Rated at 20W, it has plenty of clean headroom to handle higher volumes without breaking up. Weighing only 15 lb., the 1220 is easy to carry to gigs or the studio. Just grab the steel basket frame and go. For guitarists wanting portable vintage American tone, the Scottsdale 1220 alnico guitar speaker delivers.

Alnico Magnet Provides Vintage Tone

The Scottsdale 1220 utilizes an alnico magnet for the warm, rich sound guitarists have treasured for decades. Alnico became the standard for early guitar amps, prized for its singing sustain and smooth compression when driven hard. This compression adds a sweetness to the overtones, which enhances the guitar's natural resonance. The 1220's alnico magnet captures these sought-after vintage characteristics, allowing blues, jazz and classic rock guitarists to recreate their favorite old-school tones. When you dig in and push the 1220 into overdrive, it rewards you with the fat, compressed midrange and glistening treble that makes vintage amps so addictive.

12" Speaker Size for Full Lows and Clear Mids

With its 12" speaker diameter, the 1220 strikes an ideal balance between low-end punch and detailed mids. The larger 12" size provides stronger low-frequency output compared to 10" speakers, giving you a solid low end that adds body without getting boomy. It also yields midrange clarity not possible from larger 15" or 18" speakers, which can sound muddy. The 1220's midrange stays clean and focused, with excellent note separation even at higher volumes. This allows your picking dynamics and chord voicings to shine through the mix. For guitarists who want a speaker that handles lows with authority yet retains the shimmer and detail that make guitar tones magical, the 1220 is an excellent choice.

20W Power Handling Provides Headroom

With its 20W power handling, the efficient 1220 design gives you plenty of clean headroom before distorting. You can push it to louder stage and studio levels without compromise. The 1220 handles 20W RMS continuous, with peaks up to 30W, making it a versatile pairing with a range of lower-powered tube amps. Even if you use a higher-wattage amp, you can still reap the tonal benefits of the 1220 by running it as part of a multi-speaker cab setup. The 1220's high 97dB sensitivity also means you get strong output from just a few watts. If you're looking for touch-sensitive vintage tone at serious volumes, the Scottsdale 1220 gets the job done.

Lightweight Build Makes Transport Easy

Weighing in at just 15 lb., the Scottsdale 1220 12" speaker is easy to carry to gigs or haul to the studio. The rugged steel basket provides plenty of protection while keeping weight low. Just grab the metal frame and go. Many vintage-style speakers weigh twice as much, making them a chore to transport. The 1220 gives you the vintage sound without the vintage backache. Its portable design also makes it a versatile extension speaker for pairing with smaller combo amps to enhance their tone. For great vintage American tone in a lightweight, grab-and-go design, plug into the Scottsdale 1220.


  • Full, warm lows with definition
  • Balanced, natural mids
  • Clean, clear, glassy highs
  • 20W power handling