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ToneSpeak TSB-10-150 10" 150W Bass Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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A lightweight yet powerful bass guitar speaker for exceptional tone.

The ToneSpeak TSB-10-150 10" 150W bass guitar speaker brings out the best in your bass rig. With its sturdy stamped-steel frame, this lightweight speaker is built for durability while remaining easy to transport. It's driven by a potent 4 oz. neodymium magnet that ensures exceptional high-end response without the excess weight of standard magnets. Boasting a remarkable 300W power handling, this bass speaker effortlessly reproduces your most powerful bass grooves and riffs. The TSB-10-150 features a 2" copper voice coil and rigid fiberglass former for balanced and consistent bass tones. With exceptional power handling and crisp response, this speaker elevates your bass tone and reliability. The TSB-10-150 provides an exceptional platform to unleash the full potential of your bass guitar.

Lightweight and Durable Steel Construction

The TSB-10-150 has a lightweight yet rugged stamped-steel frame that provides durability while keeping weight manageable. The steel basket offers rigidity for consistent bass response show after show. With the TSB-10-150 you get reliable roadworthy construction in a lightweight design.

Powerful Neodymium Magnet Delivers Exceptional Highs

This speaker utilizes a lightweight yet extremely powerful 4 oz. neodymium magnet, enabling stellar high-end articulation from your bass without the burden of heavier magnets. Neodymium provides flux density higher than ceramic or alnico magnets, resulting in remarkable sensitivity and transient response. This gives your bass tones enhanced clarity and presence in the upper register. The TSB-10-150 reproduces the natural harmonic richness of your bass guitar thanks to its potent neodymium magnet.

300W Power Handling Tackles the Most Intense Bass Parts

With a 300W program power handling, the TSB-10-150 easily keeps up with amplified bass rigs. It handles the peaks and transients of aggressive picking or slapping with headroom to spare. This robust power capacity means you can unleash screaming distorted tones or room-shaking sub-bass without distortion. Whether holding down the low end on stage or tracking in the studio, the TSB-10-150 provides the muscle to reproduce the most intense bass parts with ease.

Balanced and Consistent Bass Response

Several specialized design choices contribute to the balanced bass response of the TSB-10-150. It's 2" copper voice coil wound on a rigid fiberglass former efficiently transfers cone motion into sound. The speaker's paper cone and cloth surround provide crisp transient attack and smooth decay. With its tuned port, 10" diameter and optimal excursion capabilities, the TSB-10-150 delivers robust lows along with clear and present mids and highs. This cohesive tonal balance gives your bass playing exceptional clarity and musicality. Rely on the TSB-10-150 for consistent bass response and natural tone.


  • 10 150W power handling
  • 2" voice coil with fiberglass former
  • 4 oz neodymium magnet for lightweight efficiency
  • Paper cone with cloth surround