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ToneSpeak TSB-15-500 15" 500W Bass Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm


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Unleash your bass potential with the groundbreaking TSB-15-500.

Take your low-end to new heights with the TSB-15-500 15" 500W bass guitar speaker. Pioneer Pro engineered this speaker for bassists craving exceptional performance. Its advanced 3" copper voice coil guarantees unmatched responsiveness and clarity for your bass lines. The lightweight 11 oz neodymium magnet fuels a lush, impactful tone. With 500W of program power handling, the TSB-15-500 delivers the deep, resonant bass sound you've been yearning for.

Advanced 3" Copper Voice Coil for Unmatched Responsiveness and Clarity

The TSB-15-500's advanced 3" copper voice coil ensures your bass notes come through with unrivaled responsiveness and clarity. The inside/outside design maximizes control and efficiency. You'll hear intricacies in your playing like never before. Each note articulates distinctly with precision.

Lightweight 11 oz Neodymium Magnet Provides Lush, Impactful Bass Tones

Despite its remarkable power handling, the TSB-15-500 maintains a lightweight build thanks to its 11 oz neodymium magnet. Weighing in at just over half a pound, the neodymium magnet fuels the speaker's ability to deliver lush and impactful bass tones. Your low frequencies will be rich and resonant without dragging down the speaker cabinet.

500W Program Power Handling Unleashes Your Bass Potential

With 500W of program power handling, the TSB-15-500 gives you all the muscle you need to unleash your bass potential. Crank up the volume without distortion or breakup. The robust power capacity makes this speaker a versatile choice for practice, studio work and live gigs. Dial in that perfect rumble whether you're playing to a small club or a festival crowd.

15" Steel Basket and Fiberglass Former Offer Durability

Built to last, the TSB-15-500's 15" steel basket and fiberglass former provide exceptional durability. Night after night of intense low end won't take a toll on this speaker. The rigid steel and fiberglass construction ensures it stays in prime condition for delivering top notch bass tones show after show.


  • 500W program power handling
  • 11 oz neodymium magnet for deep bass response
  • 3" inside/outside copper voice coil for clarity and precision
  • 15" paper cone with cloth surround