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Vandoren JUNO Bb Clarinet, Box of 25 Reeds 2.5


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A reed crafted for learning the clarinet.

The Vandoren JUNO Bb Clarinet Reed is tailored to help new clarinetists establish a solid foundation. Its flexible cane construction offers free-blowing, full response to make learning proper technique and building embouchure strength easy. With strengths ranging from 1.5 to 3.5, students can start with a softer reed and progress as their skills improve. The JUNO is ideal for students in jazz, concert or marching band programs. Each box contains 25 reeds so you'll have plenty on hand as you practice.

Flexible Cane Provides an Easy Start
The pliant cane used in the JUNO reed vibrates easily to produce a full, vibrant tone with minimal effort. This makes it easier for beginners to make a sound right away and focus on developing proper embouchure and breath control. The responsive reed gives students the feedback they need to make quick progress mastering clarinet fundamentals.

Strength Options for Gradual Progression
With five strength levels from 1.5 to 3.5, the JUNO lets students start with a very soft reed and move up in hardness as their skills improve. This step-by-step progression helps ensure students are always using a reed that matches their current ability so they continue advancing at an steady, confident pace.

Ideal for School Bands
The JUNO is a perfect choice for beginning students in jazz, concert or marching band programs. Its vibrant, projecting tone allows students to keep up with their peers, even as they're still learning proper technique. And because the reeds come in a box of 25, students will have plenty on hand for lessons, practice and performances.

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price
As an introductory reed, the JUNO is very budget-friendly. But Vandoren's commitment to quality means no compromises. The reeds are crafted from high-quality cane to Vandoren's exacting standards so you get professional performance at a student-friendly price. For value and quality, the JUNO is hard to beat.

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