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Vandoren Optimum Series Saxophone Ligatures Alto - Plastic Cap Only


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A ligature that helps your reeds reach their full potential.

The Vandoren Optimum Ligature allows alto saxophonists to explore the tonal possibilities of their instrument. This premium ligature comes with three pressure plates that can be swapped out to suit your playing needs. Whether you're performing a solo recital, playing in a jazz ensemble or marching on the field, the Optimum Ligature helps your reeds perform at their best in any situation.

Interchangeable Pressure Plates Shape Your Sound
At the heart of the Optimum Ligature are three pressure plates that provide distinct levels of reed tension and vibration. The high-pressure plate creates a focused, centered tone ideal for section playing or ensembles. The medium-pressure plate offers a balanced, flexible response suitable for most playing styles. The low-pressure plate produces an open, resonant sound perfect for jazz and solo performance. Swapping between plates is quick and easy, giving you an array of tonal options to suit the music.

Reliable and Expressive
The Optimum Ligature is designed to bring out the best in your alto saxophone reeds. Its adjustable screws and plates apply uniform pressure, allowing reeds to vibrate freely and produce a full, rich tone. This reliability gives you the confidence to focus on your technique and expression, not your equipment. Whether you're playing soft and lyrical or loud and rhythmic, the Optimum Ligature responds with control and nuance.

Premium Design for Superior Performance
From the lacquered brass base plate to the polished metal accents, the Optimum Ligature is built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Its sleek yet sturdy design provides a secure hold on your mouthpiece while maintaining ease of use and adjustment. For alto saxophonists seeking peak performance and tonal variety, the Optimum Ligature delivers premium features in an elegant package.

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  • Alto Ligature: Fits most standard hard rubber alto mouthpieces
  • Bari Ligature: Fits Vandoren bari mouthpieces only
  • Material: Gold lacquered
  • Screw Placement: Inverted
  • Soprano Ligature: Fits most standard hard rubber soprano mouthpieces
  • Tenor V16 Ligature: Fits Vandoren V16 tenor mouthpieces
  • Tenor V5 Ligature: Fits Vandoren V5 tenor mouthpieces