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Vic Firth American Custom Timpani Mallets T2 Cartwheel


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Powerful yet nuanced, the ultimate all-purpose timpani mallet.

The American Custom Timpani Mallets deliver an unparalleled level of power, projection and tonal subtlety. Crafted from rock maple, these mallets produce an enormous yet balanced sound from their large, seamless heads. The single-piece wood construction provides stability for rhythmic clarity while eliminating rattling. Whether performing staccato rolls or sustained tones, these mallets are ideal for all styles of playing.

Enormous Sound Built for Power and Projection
With heads measuring 1 3/4" in diameter, these mallets are capable of producing an enormous, resonant sound to fill even the largest venues. The seamless construction and wood material provide ample surface area for a robust, ringing tone with long sustain. For timpanists seeking to lead an ensemble or perform solos, the volume and carrying power of these mallets are unmatched.

Nuanced Tone and Articulation
Despite their size, these mallets are highly responsive and capable of a balanced, nuanced tone. Performers can coax a wide range of sounds from soft taps to forceful strikes. The mallets offer precise articulation for rhythmic complexity and clarity. Whether executing rapid sixteenth-note rolls or slower, dramatic crescendos, timpanists have dynamic control for any musical passage.

Crafted for Stability and Longevity
The single-piece maple construction provides stability to prevent rattling while securing the heads for safety during transport and performance. With no glue or screws to weaken over time, these mallets are built to withstand years of regular use. The wood also protects the heads from dents, scratches and other damage that could alter their tone or playing characteristics. For timpanists seeking a long-lasting, reliable set of mallets, the American Custom series delivers professional-grade durability.

Lightweight and Portable
Despite their robust construction, these mallets remain lightweight and easily portable. Performers can transport them between rehearsals and shows without difficulty. The streamlined yet durable design also allows for compact storage when not in use. For timpanists on the move, these mallets strike an ideal balance of resilience and portability.

Experience the power and nuance of the American Custom Timpani Mallets. Order today.