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Vic Firth Anders Astrand Signature Rattan Handle Mallet Hard Blue Cord


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Top-quality rattan-handle mallets.

Select your preferred mallet style for the type of playing you anticipate doing. Excellent mallet series, available for marimba and xylophone.


  • M290 - Designed for the low register of the marimba; brings out a nice bass sound with clear articulation, great for ensemble playing
  • M291 - Increased articulation compared to the M290 allows for broader coverage through the mid-range of the maribma; an excellent choice for ensemble, duet, or solo playing
  • M292 - An excellent choice for both vibraphone and marimba—produces a full, warm sound; great for big bands, small chamber groups as well solo performance 
  • M293 - This versatile mallet speaks beautifully across the entire range of the vibraphone, has a clear voice in the upper register of the marimba, and even works on the bottom register of the xylophone when a warm sound is desired
  • M294 - This wrapped xylophone mallet produces a bright sound that compliments the rest of the Anders Åstrand Orange Series; it allows the xylophone to blend beautifully with other instruments in a keyboard ensemble