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Vic Firth Ian Moyer Signature Keyboard Mallet Medium-Soft to Medium


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Yarn-headed mallet in all hardnesses.

Synthetic yarn-headed mallet with color-coded, star-shaped stitching that identifies each model. All models feature 17 in. birch handles.

M270; Medium-soft to medium. Produces a lush and full sound in the bottom half of the instrument, while maintaining the multi-tonal characteristics of the series.
M271; Medium to medium-hard. Equally suited for soft, expressive playing and articulate playing in the bottom two-thirds of the instrument.
M272; Medium-hard to hard. A well-rounded mallet that beautifully covers the entire range of the instrument. Warm and articulate with a comfortable weight.
M273; Hard to very hard. Ideal for the top two octaves of the instrument, or in the middle register when played with a lighter touch