A Clarinets

The A clarinet is a popular instrument for students and professionals alike. Whether you’re learning to play clarinet for the first time or simply purchasing a new instrument for your collection, buying a brand new A clarinet is a sound investment. A clarinets make a great addition to any musical group.

What is an “A clarinet”? This instrument isn’t as exotic or unusual as you might think! An A clarinet is essentially the same as a “regular” B flat clarinet, except that it’s been tuned to the key of A. A clarinets are only half a tone apart from a B flat clarinet, and they’re sometimes referred to as a soprano clarinet.

Like all woodwinds, A clarinets produce sound by blowing air through a mouthpiece. The sound of an A clarinet is highly expressive, warm, and melodic. This type of clarinet is more commonly played in orchestras and classical chamber ensembles. Often, classical players will use both an A clarinet and a B flat clarinet in the same performance.

A clarinets are typically made of black grenadilla wood or resin. Depending on the model, these instruments may use silver-plated or nickel-plated keys along with leather or synthetic pads.

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