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Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Special Edition Standard


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A complete electronic kit for young drummers with pro sounds and educational tools.

The Alesis Surge Mesh Special Edition e-kit gets young players into electronic drums with everything they need to start—a complete kit (including pads, mounting hardware, cables, kick pedal, drum sticks and more), exciting sounds and learning tools that engage and inspire. Students who may have begun studying drums in marching band—as well as players familiar with acoustic kits—will find the Surge’s mesh pads feel as natural as conventional drum heads, and they also allow private, near-silent practicing at home when sessions are monitored over headphones. The Surge comes with five mesh drum pads—a 10" snare, an 8" kick and three 8" toms—and three 10" cymbal pads for your hi-hat, crash and ride. Just like real cymbals, you can choke the crash and ride pads by grabbing them to mute the sound.

Finding the right drum sets for performing your favorite musical styles is easy and intuitive. The Surge Drum Module is loaded with 40 ready-to-play kits (24 presets and 16 user slots) that can be tweaked to taste, or you can construct unique and personal drum sets from scratch by utilizing the system’s 385 onboard sounds. A backlit LCD, and drum and cymbal buttons arranged like a traditional drum set, make assigning sounds and building kits fast and effortless. Once you’ve selected a kit, you can work on timing with the onboard metronome, or have some fun by playing along with 60 pre-loaded music tracks. You can choose your own favorite songs to jam with, as well, by plugging a phone or tablet into the Surge’s AUX input.

If you want to keep track of your progress, the performance recorder can document your licks and practice sessions. You can even lay down tracks direct to a DAW using the Surge’s USB/MIDI connection, and take advantage of the expansive library of add-on kits available through the BFD Player plug-in.


  • Five mesh pads (10" snare, 8" kick and three 8" toms)
  • Three 10" cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash and ride)
  • Drum module includes 40 kits and 385 sounds
  • Comes with a sturdy four-post rack that folds up for storage, a kick pedal, drum sticks, drum key, power supply and cables