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About Cases, Gig Bags, Covers

As a musician, it’s important to protect your musical instrument with a high-quality case, gig bag, or cover. Cases, gig bags, and covers will help you preserve the life of your instrument, and they’ll also make storage and transportation easier.

When you purchase a new musical instrument, it may or may not come with its own case. Regardless, many musicians choose to upgrade to a higher quality case, gig bag, or cover. When it comes to protecting your instrument, always err on the side of caution.

What’s the difference between a musical instrument case, a gig bag, and a cover?

Cases usually refer to hard-shell containers. These are molded to fit the instrument and usually include small interior compartments for accessories, such as replacement strings or extra reeds. Some cases also include locks for added security.

Gig bags are soft-shell cases meant for light travel. Gig bags are usually made of lightweight, waterproof material and contain exterior pockets. Some gig bags also have backpack-style straps. Although less secure than hard-shell cases, gig bags can be easier for musicians who are on-the-go due to their convenient size and weight.

Covers are generally made for instruments that don’t travel often, such as pianos. A cover will protect your instrument from dust and moisture.

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