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About Pianos

The piano is one of the most beloved, iconic instruments in the world. Pianos belong in almost every genre of music on the planet, from classical and jazz to rock ‘n’ roll and even hip-hop. Music fans of all ages and cultural backgrounds love the sound of a piano.

Most pianos have 88 black and white keys, allowing this beautiful instrument to play 88 musical tones in any key. Pianos also have foot pedals to modulate volume and extend the vibratto of certain notes.

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes. The most common types are grand pianos and upright pianos. In a grand piano, the instrument’s wooden case can be opened to expose the soundboard and produce a louder volume. A grand piano is most often played in concerts and professional settings. In contrast, upright pianos are smaller and more compact. These pianos are more likely to be found in homes and studios.

Today, digital pianos have become a very popular option for many musicians as well as families and students. These electronic instruments use weighted keys to simulate the feel of an analog piano. Digital pianos are also smaller, easier to move, and more affordable. Maintenance is easier with digital pianos, as well, because they don’t need to be tuned.

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