Clarinet Barrels

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Clarinet barrels are very important for any clarinet player. Whether you’re a professional clarinetist or a student taking clarinet lessons for the first time, the right clarinet barrel can dramatically improve the sound of your instrument. A new clarinet barrel can correct pitch and make your tone sound brighter, clearer, and more professional.

What is a clarinet barrel? A clarinet barrel is the part of the clarinet that connects the mouthpiece to the body. It directs the sound through the instrument and affects the quality of its tone. Although the barrel is one of the smallest parts of the clarinet, it can make the biggest difference. By pulling the barrel away from the clarinet’s upper joint, players can also make precise fine-tuning adjustments to create a tone that’s more flat.

Clarinet barrels usually have a grenadilla or ABS resin body and metal-plated rings, though they can be manufactured from other materials. The interior of a clarinet barrel is known as the “taper.” Tapers can be standard, straight, reverse, or double. Each type of taper will give you a different quality sound. When choosing the best clarinet barrel for your instrument, consider the barrel’s material, taper, and size.

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