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About Ukulele & Folk Accessories

Instruments may not be commonly thought of as machines although that is essentially what they are: intricate machines designed to produce sound. Like any other machine they require proper care and maintenance with appropriate accessories to preserve their condition and performance. Strings for instance do not last forever and when a set is worn-out or a string breaks they must be replaced. There are many examples in this section of banjo strings ukulele strings mandolin strings and those for other instruments as well. All of these are available in different weights that balance playability against tone - lighter strings are easier to play while heavier strings produce fuller sound. For novice musicians the advice of a music instructor or private teacher is usually the best way to know which string weight or gauge to choose.

While accessories like strings are crucial to playing an instrument there are others that should be used between performances. The most important of these are cases and gig bags offered by manufacturers like Musician's Gear and Gator which provide protection for the instrument during transit and storage. Many of the options in banjo cases ukulele cases mandolin cases gig bags and enclosures for other folk instruments are designed with a good complement of pockets pouches and cargo space for spare strings sheet music picks tuners and other accessories. This makes them well-suited for professional musicians carrying a lot of equipment to performances and recording sessions as well as to student musicians with many learning aids to transport.