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Holton Farkas Series French Horn Mouthpiece in Silver Silver MC


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A versatile mouthpiece offering a bold tone and responsive playability.

The Farkas Series French Horn Mouthpiece provides a bold yet balanced tone that suits a wide range of musical applications. Designed in collaboration with acclaimed French horn player Philip Farkas, this mouthpiece features a medium cup depth and diameter along with a medium-wide rim that yields a round, ringing tone with a touch of warmth. The large bore and throat provide excellent airflow and response, allowing for clean articulation and projection.
Deep Cup Depth Generates a Resonant, Powerful Tone
The Farkas mouthpiece's medium cup depth helps produce a resonant, powerful tone that carries well. The cup shape also contributes to evenness of tone across all registers of the instrument. Whether playing intricately orchestrated symphonic works or lyrical solo passages, this mouthpiece provides the tonal foundation needed for expressive and emotive playing.

Large Bore and Throat Facilitate Responsive Playability
A large bore and throat on a mouthpiece provide more open airflow, which translates into responsive playability. The Farkas mouthpiece's design in this regard allows for articulate attacks, clarity of tone and dynamic control. Rapid passages become more nimble and high register playing opens up. Overall, this mouthpiece gives players greater flexibility and control over the instrument.

Silver-Plated Finish Offers Attractive, Durable Design
The silver-plated finish on the Farkas mouthpiece provides an attractive appearance while also preventing corrosion. Silver plating is a durable finish that maintains its luster even after years of regular use. For players and students looking to step up to a higher-quality mouthpiece, the silver-plated finish on this model indicates a well-crafted, professional-level design.

Experience the tonal versatility and responsive playability of the Farkas Series French Horn Mouthpiece. Order today.
  • DC: Produces very clean attacks and a large resonant, velvety tone. Popular with both high and low horn players because it plays well in all registers.
  • MC: Round, ringing tone with a touch of velvet in all registers. Well suited for all-around symphony or solo playing.
  • MDC: Sensitive yet comfortable. Good response across entire range. For players who desire a slightly darker tone.
  • SC: Extremely clear high register with clean attacks. Ringing tone but not shrill. Excellent for high baroque music or extremely high technical passages.
  • VDC: Large, Teutonic tone. Very helpful for the player who has a too-bright tone since it mellows the tone significantly. For the robust mature player. Extremely deep cup and very large bore.
  • XDC: Superior mouthpiece for the player who wishes to play in the grand manner of the "Helden" horn players. Also produces a soft and mellow tone for the player who might have a naturally bright or shrill tone.

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