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About Keyboard Accessories and Parts

Keyboardists have plenty of keyboard accessories and parts to expand the possibilities of a performance and make the musical journey a more comfortable one. In the same way that guitarists can incorporate different effects pedals into their routine keyboard players can make their music more interesting by using volume pedals and sustain pedals. With the click of a footswitch a musician can use these pedals to manipulate the keyboard's tone in a variety of ways. These pedals are compact lightweight and solidly built to hold up through countless hours of use. Many well-known and respected brands in the instrument world make volume express and sustain pedals including Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Hammond. There are other keyboard accessories and parts to enhance a performance as well - MIDI keyboardists in particular can choose from a number of memory expansion modules and synth software bundles to create spacey effects and soundscapes.

Benches and stools are other accessories that every keyboardist should choose carefully. For young beginners height-adjustable piano benches are often recommended because players can continue using them as they grow. In general the two most important things to consider before choosing a keyboard bench are the seat's material and the overall quality of its construction. Most keyboard benches consist of vinyl or leather have a wood frame and boast stylish buttons. Some popular keyboard bench types include the aforementioned adjustable benches duet piano benches storage benches (these come with compartments that can hold sheet music books and CDs) stools and keyboard thrones. Top-quality keyboard benches are very easy to come by; many pros vouch for benches from Musician's Gear. On-Stage Stands and ProLine.