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About Portable Keyboards

When you’re learning to play piano, portable keyboards are a great option. A portable keyboard gives you the experience of playing piano without the cost or commitment. Using weighted keys to simulate the feel of playing a traditional piano, portable keyboards are perfect for students and professional musicians on-the-go.

Like a piano, most portable keyboards have 88 black and white keys. This covers the full range of musical notes available. Unlike a piano, however, many portable keyboards come with pre-programmed “instrument voices.” With the click of a button, your portable keyboard can sound like a guitar, trumpet, drums, or a modern synthesizer. This makes keyboards a great choice for musicians interested in rock and pop music.

Portable keyboards are lightweight and compact. This makes them a perfect practice instrument for bedrooms, small apartments, or other spaces where a traditional piano won’t fit. These instruments are also easy to transport to the classroom or concert.

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At Music & Arts, we also offer a selection of portable keyboard accessories. Choose from keyboard stands, benches, amplifiers, pedals, and more. You can also explore our selection of electronic music components such as MIDI rigs, sound modules, and recording gear.

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If you’d like to learn to play your portable keyboard, Music & Arts also offers private lessons for children of all ages and adults.