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Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Head 13 in.


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A resonant and articulate snare-side drumhead with a vintage vibe.

The Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side drumhead provides an unparalleled combination of tone, tunability and style. Constructed from a single ply of 3-mil Mylar film, the Ambassador Hazy generates an open and resonant sound with crisp articulation and plenty of attack. It accentuates your snare drum's response, allowing ghost notes and subtle dynamics to speak with clarity. While enhancing your snare's acoustic properties, the Ambassador Hazy also provides a classic, hazy appearance that complements any snare drum.

Single-Ply 3-Mil Mylar Film for Optimal Tone and Tunability
The Ambassador Hazy's 3-mil Mylar film construction strikes an ideal balance of durability and responsiveness. Thin and lightweight, the film vibrates freely to produce resonant overtones and a broad tonal range. Yet it's also highly tunable, allowing you to make fine adjustments to suit any musical context. The Ambassador Hazy's material and thickness have made it an industry standard for live and studio drummers alike.

Accentuated Snare Response for Crisp Articulation
The Ambassador Hazy is designed to maximize your snare drum's sensitivity and articulation. It enhances stick response, allowing ghost notes, buzz rolls and subtle snare gestures to speak with clarity. Rimshots and accents cut through powerfully. With the Ambassador Hazy, your snare drum's capacity for dynamic variation and rhythmic intricacy shines through.

Classic Style with a Vintage Vibe
In addition to its acoustic benefits, the Ambassador Hazy provides a hazy, translucent appearance that evokes the style of vintage snare drums. Its look complements any snare drum, from modern to retro. The Ambassador Hazy's visual style has enduring appeal that produces a timeless, classic vibe.

Versatile and Reliable, for Studio or Stage
The Ambassador Hazy's ideal combination of tone, tunability and style makes it a remarkably versatile choice for all musical contexts. It's a reliable industry-standard snare-side head that provides consistent quality and performance for both studio recording and live playing. The Ambassador Hazy works for drummers and genres of all kinds.

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