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About Woodwind Cases & Gig Bags

Transporting instruments using cases and gig bags is a routine that goes hand-in-hand with owning and playing them. Because musical instruments are delicate and valuable preserving their finish and physical condition is a top priority - one which these enclosures are designed to address. Woodwind cases and gig bags range in size from very large baritone saxophone cases to the smallest gig bags for piccolo. Some styles also serve special functions such as combination flute & piccolo cases that hold two instruments or specialty reed cases designed to regulate humidity to keep the reeds in playing condition.

The primary differences between a case and a gig bag are weight and rigidity. Cases like the DEG Bass Clarinet Case are built with very hard durable shells which make them well-suited to long-distance travel where a greater degree of protection is required. Gig bags by contrast tend to have softer walls with padding to absorb impacts providing adequate protection for routine travel at a light weight that makes them easy to carry. Most gig bags are also outfitted with exterior pockets to add storage space but this advantage may also be added to a rigid case by using an enclosure such as the Protec Flute Case Cover. For most musicians the choice between case and gig bag depends simply on the level of protection needed - and many woodwind players keep at least one of each type of case allowing that choice to be made for each individual trip.