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About Instrument Stands

Stands are essential accessories that every serious musician should own. Although cases are important when it comes to safeguarding an instrument from dust and sudden impact with other objects keeping an instrument on its stand is said to raise the likelihood that a player will practice. For this reason most musicians tend to place stands in the areas of their home where they spend the most amount of time such as a living room or bedroom. Practice spaces - whether they be in the basement or garage - are also obvious ideal places for instrument stands. While stands have proven to increase the chances of practicing they also come in handy during live concerts - especially if a performer uses more than one instrument.

Today's music market is loaded with saxophone stands clarinet stands bassoon stands and even flute/piccolo stands. In addition to stands for single instruments many companies manufacture stands for multiple instruments as well. These are known as combination stands and they're perfect for those who use more than one instrument on stage or in the studio. To ensure these instruments are safe and secure when they're not being played most professional musicians tend to go with stands from companies that have solid reputations for their meticulous attention to detail and high-quality parts. Popular instrument stand brands include Hercules Stands and Titan - both of which specialize in single and multiple/combination stands.