Acoustic Guitars


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About Acoustic Guitars

The two most common types of acoustic guitar are the steel-string guitar and the classical guitar. The classical guitar also known as the Spanish guitar usually uses nylon strings. Steel-string guitars originated in the United States and are also referred to as western guitar and folk guitar. Steel-string guitars sound louder and brighter than classical guitars which have a warmer mellower sound. Steel-string models usually have larger bodies and narrower necks and they often have a pickguard to protect the body against scratches by picks and fingernails. Most acoustic guitars have six strings but there are also 12-string versions. When an acoustic guitar can be plugged into an amplifier it is referred to as acoustic/electric. Some acoustic/electric guitars incorporate a cutaway design which makes it easier for electric guitar players to cross over to acoustic.

There are many different styles of play. Chords are played by strumming all of the strings. Classical guitarists pluck the strings with their fingers and always play sitting down. Slide guitarists slide along the strings with a slide made of metal or glass. Whether you're interested in classical bluegrass flamenco folk or blues the acoustic guitar is something you can enjoy playing alone or in a group.