Bass Clarinets

Bass clarinets are a wonderful, unique instrument. Whether you’re ready to move from a Bb clarinet to bass or you’re taking music lessons from the first time, the bass clarinet is a great choice for adults and kids. The rich, deep sounds of a bass clarinet make a fantastic addition to any orchestra or band.

What’s the difference between a bass clarinet and a regular or alto clarinet? Both instruments belong to the woodwind family and produce tones by the vibration of reeds in a mouthpiece. However, a bass clarinet is a much larger instrument. It also has a curved neck and bell, resembling a “hybrid” of a clarinet and a saxophone.

The sound produced by a bass clarinet is low and smooth, often described as “dark.” These woodwind instruments are frequently paired with percussion, tubas, and other bass register instruments in an orchestra or band. Band students looking to distinguish themselves will enjoy the bass clarinet because this instrument is more challenging and often much rarer in high school ensembles.

Bass clarinets are usually made of grenadilla wood, also known as African Blackwood, or plastic resin for less expensive student models, silver- or nickel-plated keys, and leather pads. Many models offer adjustable neck angles for more comfort while playing.

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