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About Brass Cases Gig Bags & Covers

Every brass instrument needs to be well looked after in order to continue looking playing and sounding its best. One of the simplest ways to maintain the quality of a brass instrument is to keep it stored in a case or gig bag when it's not being played. Cases and gig bags make travelling to and from rehearsals and recitals way easier and they'll also protect a brass instrument from sudden impact with other objects. Brass cases gig bags and covers will even safeguard an instrument from bad weather and ensure that it won't be overly affected by sudden fluctuations in temperature (which can greatly influence a brass instrument's tuning and pitch).

Before choosing a case gig bag or cover it's important for any musician to take their own needs and preferences into consideration. Usually gig-bags refer to soft-shell designs. Soft-shell gig bags are water-resistant flexible and lightweight - making them better for musicians who travel by foot and would rather something less heavy and cumbersome. On the other hand cases typically refer to models of a hard-shell design. The main upside to a hard-shell case is that they are tougher and provide the most weather protection. Hard-shell cases are better for touring musicians who need an extra level of security. Trumpet, trombone, tuba, and French horn cases are available in both soft- and hard-shell designs from respected brands like Protec Gard, J. Winter, and . These companies offer brass cases gig bags and covers to suit every budget and they almost always boast extra storage space for additional brass instrument accessories.