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About Cables and Snakes

By delivering electrical signals from one component to another cables and snakes are indispensable accessories for every production setup. There are four types of audio cables: instrument cables microphone cables patch cables and speaker cables. Instrument cables connect electronic instruments like guitars basses and keyboards to an amp or preamp and usually have 1/4" connectors. Mic cables have an XLR male connector on one end and an XLR female connector on the other - although sometimes they have TRS or USB connectors. Patch cables are short in length and are used to link components together such as effects units on a pedal board. Lastly speaker cables are unbalanced and designed for larger wires due to the high voltage signals they deliver. Speaker cables can have Speakon connectors MDP connectors or 1/4" phone connectors.

Amplified musical instruments - as well as professional sound gear such as mixers PA speakers and monitors - depend on cables and snakes to perform their duties. Particularly snakes are ideal for larger setups because they combine several cables into a single casing - thus making it way easier to manage multiple channels. Thanks to modern technology today's cables and snakes have never been so durable and high in quality - in fact companies like Monster, Live Wire, and Mogami are all trusted brands in the world of music for constructing cables and snakes for virtually every audio application.