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Electric. Acoustic. Six string. Twelve string. With so many available options, buying a new guitar can feel overwhelming. That’s where Music & Arts comes in. Whether you’re a professional guitarist looking to add a new electric guitar to their collection or a beginner who is browsing for their very first acoustic, we have just what you’re looking for (and more!) in our online store.

So where do you start in a selection as massive as this one? From baby blue electric guitars to twelve string acoustics with rosewood fretboards, you’ll find that all styles and variations are represented on our site. Most shoppers start by narrowing their selection down to either electric or acoustic, before deciding on things like the number of strings, fretboard material, and number of cutaways. Still feeling overwhelmed? You can’t go wrong with selecting a guitar with four or five stars--you can even read the reviews if you want to see what other guitarists are saying about a particular guitar.

The guitar is a special instrument, and every guitarist is different. Some feel more comfortable sticking with big brands, like Fender and Ibanez, while others are attracted to the unique guitars of some of the smaller brands like Daisy Rock. As long as you’re happy with the guitar you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, purchasing a new guitar is an exciting experience. From the moment a musician holds a new guitar in their hands, it’s the signal of a musical journey that could last a lifetime. This is one reason why purchasing a new guitar should be given careful consideration. Thankfully, finding a guitar that’s both affordable and a reflection of your personal taste is easy to find at Music & Arts. (Don’t forget the case!)